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today," on the verge. japan's nuclear crisis creeps toward catastrophe as a third reactor is rocked by an explosion and a fourth catches fire. >>> nikkei nose dive, japanese stocks go into a free fall when investors panicked by radiation fears. jacks up the price of flying fears. jacks up the price of flying american astronauts into space. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation, including the pacific time zone. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with a nuclear nightmare. radiation levels spiked in japan this morning in the wake of a series of explosions at the fukushima nuclear power plant. there are new concerns water inside the waste pool storage pool for one of the damaged reactors may be boiling increasing the possibility of fuel rods being exposed. just days after suffering its most crippling catastrophe ever, japan is now facing the world's worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl. for the latest we turn to nbc's kristin dahlgren in tokyo. good morning to you. >> good morning. the latest radiation levels ap
'm bill hemmer. welcome back, alisyn. alisyn: i'mal lynn cam rata in for martha. >> northern japan was hit by a massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake. i feel deep in my heart as i see the conditions in the affected area. i'm concerned about the nuclear situation because it's unpredictable. with the help of those involved i hope things will not get worse. bill report emperor is in his as it and he's rarely seen on television. show you where we are right now. northeast of tokyo, 200 miles, the fukushima plant in an animation we put together to show you what's happening on the inside as it runs north to the south. you will see the four reactors at this plants in question. there were 6 reactors under consideration but for sake of this purpose we'll show you reactor number 1, 3, and 4. 1, 2, 3 were online when the quake and same rolled through. number 4 was offline. about it was rolling with spent nuclear fuel. then we can show you where we are today. that's what they looked like 7 days ago. on this map here, this was taken two days ago. the four reactors are on the screen. this is number 4, and num
area. good night. >>> tonight on "world news" from japan, the disaster in the pacific, and the fears of the meltdown. is japan on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe even as they reel from a tsunami and earthquake. >> swept away. our team on the ground closest to the epicenter. fires raging. entire villages under the water. thousands unaccounted for. the desperate search and rescue milgz tonight. >>> how vulnerable is our own coastline in america? also, the ring of fire. should this be a wake-up call? >>> and the the calls from the disaster zone. americans who survived the earthquake here, trying to assure their loved ones at home. >>> and good evening from japan tonight where there are two crises unfolding here. first, the recovery efforts continue after the tsunami. the cars were swept down the street in that tsunami. and of course, take a look at this image tonight. one town before the earthquake and tsunami. and this image of it afterward. while all of this unfoldled today, another major headline. a nuclear power plant, an explosion. the wall around one of the reactors exploding.
will keep you posted as we learn more details in this continuing, developing story. >>> on the verge. japan's nuclear crisis creeps toward catastrophe as a third reactor is rocked by an explosion and a fourth catches fire. >>> nikkei nose-dive. japanese stocks go into a freefall with investors panicked by radiation fears. >>> and sticker shock. russia jacks up the price of flying american astronauts into space. good morning, everyone, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we begin this morning with a nuclear nightmare. radiation levels spiked in japan this year in the wake of a series of explosions at the fukushima nuclear power plant just days after suffering its most crippling catastrophe ever. japan is now facing the world's worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl. for the latest we turn to kristen dahlgren in tokyo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. the latest radiation levels appear to have leveled off some, but a spike earlier had us talking about levels that could affect human health, so there is great concern here i
>>> from abc news, this is "world news" with david muir, reporting tonight from japan. >> and good evening from japan tonight where there are two crises unfolding here. first, the recovery efforts continue after the earthquake and tsunami. the cars were swept down the street in that tsunami. and of course, take a look at this image tonight. one town before the earthquake and tsunami, and this image of it afterward. well, all of this unfolded today, another major headline. a nuclear power plant, there was an explosion. the wall around one of the reactors crumbling. the prime minister in japan going on television, trying to urge the people of japan to remain coin calm, but there was of disseminating iodine tablets to children. we begin with new pictures of the tsunami not yet seen. tonight, a first look inside the airport terminal in sundi just as it rolls written. terrified passengers. and these new images of the snotty htsunami hitting the tow as villagers watched as their entire town was swallowed by the tsunami. today, dramatic rescues. people in safety after being rescued by hel
of the disaster in japan. tim williams explains why this was so deadly. mary bubala explains. but we begin with randall pinkston. >> the massive tsunami swallowed entire villages. and left others burning through the night. the 23-foot wave, triggered by the largest earthquake ever recorded in japan, swept away cars, boats and buildings. in one coastal town alone, 1800 houses were destroyed or badly damaged. police in the city of sendai have already recovered three bodies. hundreds more are missing. the 8.9 magnitude quake, centered east of tokyo, hit just before 3:00. >> it was so strong. and the undalation of the -- undualation of the earth was so powerful, we had to actually kind of hang onto the side of our house. >> reporter: large buildings shook. the prime minister felt it inside parliament. more than 400 buildings in and around tokyo are without power. >> my workers are all staying in the office. there's no getting out. there's no trains going anywhere. >> reporter: a massive fire. and authorities have evacuated thousands of residents living near the nuclear plant, where the reactor
>>> this morning on "early today," on the verge. japan's nuclear crisis creeps toward catastrophe as a third reactor is rocked by an explosion and a fourth catches fire. >>> nikkei nose dive, japanese stocks go into a free fall when investors panicked by radiation fears. >>> and sticker shock, russia jacks up the price of flying >>> and sticker shock, russia jacks up the price of flying american astronauts into space. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with a nuclear nightmare. radiation levels spiked in japan this morning in a wake of series of explosions at the puck chic ma nuclear power plant. days after suffering its most crippleling catastrophe ever, japan is now facing the world's largest nuclear disaster since chernobyl. kristin dal again reports. >> reporter: japanese officials warned the radiation leaks were getting worse after a explosion in a third reactor and a fire in the fourth. the prime minister warned they were expanding the area of evacuation to 19 miles reporting radiation levels seemed very
the strongest to hit japan in 100 years. >> tsunami warnings were issued. and massive wall of water swept away everything. it cracked buildings, it sparked dozens of fires including refineries. hundreds of bodies were found in the epicenter. a number of aftershocks were felt in tokyo more than 200 miles away. this is a potentially catastrophic disaster. we have more on the u.s. response. >> president obama says that his thoughts and prayers are with the people and they are ready to help with whatever they need. the night sky over japan with fires still burning. >> of the magnitude -- the 8.9 magnitude quake rattled everything from offices to the japanese legislature. more than 50 aftershocks followed. there was a trail of devastation on the ground. >> this is unlike anything we have experienced here before. >> a massive tsunami unleashed a wave of water in coastal areas near the epicenter northeast of tokyo. it destroyed everything in its path. >> i am heartbroken by this tragedy. >> president obama pledged u.s. assistance in japan. >> today's events remind us how fragile life can b
radius to stay inside. we'll take a look at the difference between the u.s. recommendation and what japan is doing and saying. that's coming up later in the show. >> there is a big divide growing on that. many foreigners in japan trying to get out of the country. thousands of travelers packing tokyo's main airport. look at scene. many of them saying better safe than sorry. >> i'm worried with they are sharing about it and whether they are in control. not understanding japanese, it's a concern for me. >> i'm going home. the decision is not very clearly. so this decision is not difficult. but the situation is dangerous. so we have to leave. martha: the scramble is on to get out. several european airlines rerouted flights head for tokyo, now those travelers have to find their way to the southern part of the country. the faa say they are monitoring the situation. rick: the concern about radiation reaching the u.s. west coast. the feds are deploying radiation monitors in the area. it does not expect harmful radiation levels to reach the u.s. it posts that data on the web site. in japan the dis
that before heading out for a tour of brazil. the president has been tracking the nuclear crisis in japan. we are tracking it as well. crews are drilling holes in several reactors to release pressure. now, abnormal radiation is detected in food near the plant. hello to you. this is "cnn saturday morning." good to be back with you. united nations call for a cease-fire not close to being observed now. massive explosions. moammar gadhafi forces are firing on that city. benghazi, you have been hearing that name for several weeks. it's the heart of the ob ration. we are in benghazi with government forces. >> caller: it seems as if gadhafi's forces began air assault over benghazi in the early morning hours here. they say it was fierce. at 8:45, we saw a plane overhead appearing to be heading south. around 9:10, one of our team witnessed a jet, a fighter jet, fall out of the sky in flames. we have since then spoken to an opposition fighter who told us that was one of their own aircraft they were sending out to try to stop, bring a stop to gadhafi's military assault on this very, very critical city.
>>> breaking news. a monster earthquake rocks japan overnight, touching off a massive tsunami that wiped out vast areas. tsunami warnings have been issued for most of the pacific, including hawaii. the earthquake triggered fires that are burning out of control along japan's east coast. transportation is disrupted, and emergency crews are being mobilized as officials only emergency crews are being mobilized as officials only begin to count the casualties. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. a monster earthquake struck japan this morning, triggering a devastating tsunami that swamped a wide patch of the japanese coastline, causing widespread damage, and some major damage, as well. the 8.9 magnitude quake was centered off the northeast japan coastline, about 240 miles northeast of tokyo. it is the biggest quake to hit japan in 140 years. the pictures, they are stunning. take a look. you can see the fires that are still burning at this hour. also, a 13-foot tsunami wave rolled inland, sweeping away everything in its pa
, and los angeles are joining rescuers from japan and other countries. highly drained dogs are able to detect live victims who might be buried in the debris. the teams land the at a u.s. air base about 150 miles north of sendai. >>> the nuclear fears from this crisis in japan are only raising concerns here in the u.s. what if such a disaster ever hit us here at home? david kerley has more on that. >> reporter: japan had never declared a nuclear emergency. it is dealing with six runaway reactors. two in dire shape. >> two reactors now where we have core that is partially melted. this is unprecedented. >> reporter: the good news, inside those buildings, the hot nuclear cores and their primary containment housings are said to be intact. but with no electricity, the japanese are reportedly using firetrucks, taking the drastic step of pumping sea water into the cores and flooding the containment housings of both reactors. a last-ditch effort to cool the cores to stop the nuclear reaction. >> we are at a reactor tipping point. either over the next 24 to 48 hours they'll get coal of these
throughout prime time in the united states, throughout the early morning hours here in japan. for all of us on the fox news team. thanks for being with us. "the o'reilly factor" is next. ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> bill: the death toll in japan now expected to reach more than 10,000 and it could get far worse if the nuclear power plants melt down. we'll have the very latest from the earthquake scene and report extensively on the nuclear issue. >> we are dealing with a culture that is in its mid evil era. which t. comes from a hate-filled holy book, the core core -- koran. >> left wing bob mar -- maher attacks the koran and the left wing media says nothing. >> the naacp failing a test and didn't have an opportunity to be gainfully employed. >> the naacp criticizing attorney general eric holder for allow ago dumbed down test for cops. megyn kelly has been investigating the shocking story. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. high drama in japan. that is th
the nikkei down about 8%. that came despite several moves by japan's central bank to try to stabilize that fragile economy. >>> the u.s. military is operating helicopter rescue missions off the aircraft carrier "uss ronald reagan" and so far this morning they've rescued stranded survivors, delivered supplies and helped move injured to the hospital. as our christiane amanpour found out, so many much is needed. >> translator: i need food. i'm running out of food, says this business woman. the good news is some aid was prepositioned. part of japan's earthquake preparedness. we're trying to feed 2,000 people, maybe more. we'll continue as long as our rice lasts, says this aid worker. but the rice, like the rest of the supplies, is not nearly enough. so much more is needed and the effort is heshg lee yan. we saw that firsthand at the red cross command center here. what is your biggest challenge right now? >> the biggest challenge is for our relief operation at this moment is logistics. >> reporter: much of northern japan's infrastructure is in tathers as we saw from the air. coastal roads,
three minutes. back to you. >> thank you, tucker. >>> the devastation in japan continues. another hydrogen explosion at a nuclear plant injured 11 workers but officials say the reactor is still intact. the death toll is now over 10,000 people. the central bank is pumping nearly $200 billion into the market but the to go i don't stock exchange still plunged 6%. here at home, the disaster in japan was a big issue on the sunday talk shows. melanie alnwick has a round-up for us. >> reporter: japan's u.s. ambassador and on meet the press. >> we have to take quick action. we have to take a most cautious attitude and also we have to mobilize all our forces. these are the principles in meeting with these great challenges that we are face. >> reporter: a nuclear security expert told chris wallace. worst case scenario is a full meltdown of multiple reactors. >> they spew radioactivity into the ground, the air, water. some of that radioactivity could carry in the atmosphere to the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: the fear is already spreading, dampening what had been a growing c
the quake, waves of terror washed upon japan's shores. wiping out towns, roads, everything in its way. >> the sheer scope of the disaster caused delays in rescue efforts in many cities, including kesennuma. the bbc rupert winfield hayes was there when rescue teams arrived three days after the quake. >> reporter: in kesennuma, reality has been turned on its head. a large ship sits on a dock side. a fishing boat on top of a car. a car on top of a fence. and a house in the middle of the street. this was kesennuma on friday as the massive tsunami swept in, tossing boats aside like children's toys, uprooting houses and turning the city streets into torrents of angry blackwater. much of kesennuma is still under water and walled in by mountains of debris. every street we tried to get down is jammed with piles of cars. even the rescuers are struggling to find a way in. when they do, mostly what they're finding are bodies. this one, a man found trapped underneath a car. nearby, i find this man. his house has been completely destroyed. you can see the tide mark at the top of
. >>> in japan, rescue workers are using chain saws and hand picks to dig out bodies in japan's devastated coastal region. as mary ann rafferty shows us, there was a second explosion at a nuclear plant. we can take a look at some of the photos here coming in. we are having trouble with mary ann's audio. we'll pass that along to you in a little bit. the fairfax county urban search and rescue team on the ground in japan with other humanitarian aid on the way. their mission is to help people found out at sea in addition to under the rubble. american navy bases are close to the quake zone helping with efforts there. the u.s. sent one other urban search and rescue team. that team is from los angeles. of course, our coverage will be online on let's check back in with mary ann after -- rafferty with a look at japan. >> there was a loud bang followed by white smoke and a third reactor of the power planted. it is likely that a hydrogen explosion occurred. >> reporter: authorities have been frantically trying to cool the plant down following a system failure in the wake of a massive ea
will this nuclear crisis in japan get? all four reactors at the fukushima plant are damaged terrifying the local population. people are evacuating the area and even moving away from cities as far away as tokyo. out of 800 workers on the site of the nuclear plants, 50 are still there. only 50 and they are in a very dangerous situation. we'll get a report on the ground on how serious the situation is and what it could mean for americans here at home. >>> plus, how much radiation can anyone be exposed to before risking significant health problems? we'll talk to the experts about how much is too much. >>> i'm going to talk to the weather channel of all people about which direction the winds are now blowing and who is in harm's way. also no surprise here, calling for yet another war. this time it's libya. neocons are asking for a no-fly zone to force gadhafi from power. >>> if a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, how will little knowledge affect michelle bachmann's chances. even well known politician have scant knowledge of their own country's history. we start with the crisis in japan. david alb
much. >>> president obama insists the radiation set to reach the west coast from japan today is not at a dangerous level. but the government has deployed dozens of radiation sensors now running around the clock. now, they send data directly into computers at epa, which have not yet reported any increased radiation. >>> and as a precaution, airline passengers, luggage and cargo arriving in the u.s. from japan are now being screened for potentially harmful levels of radiation. customs agents say so far they've only detected small amounts of radiation in some cargo at several u.s. airports. now, none was high enough to cause any concern. >>> now, with that let's take a look at your friday forecast. a busy news day. heavy rain from seattle to san francisco. up to 2 feet of snow in sierra. lighter in cascades and rockies. light rain from cincinnati to st. louis and louisville. scattered showers for upstate new york and northern new england. >> and spring-like day along the east coast. nearly 70 degrees here in new york. very welcomed. and also shy of 80 degrees in atlanta. 50s fro
: "fox and friends" starts right now. >> martha: the last on the story out of japan. workers in the failed nuclear physicists riactor site are getting set to go back to work. one report said the workers niver left that site and then reports that they evacuated 50 corgous people who were staying there to try to cool the nuclear physicists reactors . we have had conflicting reports. >> brian: four of those men are missing. they were working on one of the reactors. we'll follow up on that. >> martha: unbelievable story . new pictures show at least two of the plant's reactors are completely destroyed . we have seen the araeil shots . trying to figure out what to do next to prevent a complete meltdown there. >> brian: when tempco was fulling -- pulling out the prime minister demanded what was going on and demanded they go back. >> steve: we'll go to ykoto air force base. david piper is standing by. >>reporter: the new crisis piraling oust control. in a desperate move japanese military helicopter was sent up with a huge bucket of water to dump it on the fukushima plant. they had to
'm monita rajpal. >> and i'm zain verjee. ahead a fresh earthquake shakes japan's nuclear plant as work goes on to cool down an overheating reactor. >> change could be on its way in syria after days of deadly protests. the government is expected to lift the state of emergency. >> miami's big three celebrate after a big night. the details in our sports update. >>> first, rebel fighters are advancing on gadhafi's hometown sirte and libyan state tv says it was bombed overnight and suggests government forces are keeping the rebels at a distance from the city for now. that despite an early report in which a source claimed anti-government fighters took sirte. rebels appear to capture key towns from loyalists. ras lanuf and elal brega seems be in their hands. here is the scene last night in the capital tripoli. our correspondent there says he heard six explosions followed by bursts of anti-aircraft fire. >> international forces continue to strike libyan targets over the weekend and nato says it is taking over full control of allied operations. it's now going to oversee the no-fly zone, an arms emba
's cherry blossom tradition began way back in 1912 with a gift of trees from, where else, japan. >> gorgeous. >> returning the favor. we'll be right back. do your lashes want volume or length? how about both? with covergirl lashblast fusion. a mascara for lashes that want it all... all at once. our biggest brush meets our fierstretch formula is with lashes that want it all wantlashblast fusion. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. now, you can make a splash with new water resistant lash blast fusion. >>> welcome back, everyone. considering the situations in both japan and in libya, it's no surprise people are burning up the yahoo! search engines looking for information on both countries. >> when they're not searching for hard news they're searching for, what else, snooki. yahoo! web life editor heather cabot joins us with more. good morning, heather. >> reporter: good morning. this week lots of folks are turning to yahoo! for perspective on what's going on in libya. searches for maps of the embattled nation are up more than 400% and we're seeing questions about the players in the conflict
the internet was a life line to people in the middle of japan's multiple disasters, but also to people everywhere who were just trying to understand it all. >> it's the first place you turn for any kind of information. of course, yahoo! web life editor heather cabot joins us now with more on those searches and other trends this week. good morning, heather. >> reporter: good morning. the crisis in japan continues to dominate searches on yahoo! it's been more than a week since the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami wreaked havoc on the island nation. the rescue and recovery efforts coupled with the threat of nuclear disaster sent people online to find real-time photos, videos and, of course, the latest news. yahoo! users wanted to know more about the threat of radiation exposure and how it's treated. after multiple explosions rocked the fukushima power plant, searches for preventive measures including potassium iodide tablets spiked 150% this week. people wanted to understand how far radiation can travel, which other countries could be affected and they also looked back at the history of other n
from japan. one, two, three, four ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do >>> the sky in libya lit up by more tomahawk officials. president obama says he wants the dictator out but removing him from power is not the mission of the allies. the coalition goal is to protect citizens from attacks by gadhafi and his loyalists but the big question today is what is happening with this coalition of nations once so willing to work together, is it starting to fray? let's bring in retired general wesley clark who is live in little rock. there seems to be confusion about who is exactly in charge of this mission. i mean, norway seems confused and britain and italy say nato should take over but france nato should not take over. an american plane went down today. this isn't exactly the best time to figure out details like this, is it? >> no, but sometimes this happens. this is -- the administration has to work with its allies and it has to put together these coordination measures and control measures and has to do it in h
's key generals and diplomats switched sides after he launched a bloody crackdown last week. >>> in japan, levels of radioactive iodine in tokyo's water system, they dropped significantly today. officials say it is now safe for babies to drink tap water or for parents who use tap water in formula. but still the city handed out about a quarter million bottles of water today to homes with kids. >>> two fukushima nuclear workers are now in the hospital today for possible radiation poisoning. the men stepped in a puddle while laying cable at the plant. water seeped through the protective clothing that they were wearing and got on their legs. a third worker was wearing boots high enough to cover his skin. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu promises to act vigorously, he says, following a bus bombing. the terror attack in jerusalem killed one person and wounded more than 50. israel's ambassador to the u.s. says that the bombing does not appear related to militants' recent rocket attacks on southern israel. >>> defense secretary robert gates met with his israeli counterpart in tel avi
militants. >>> in japan, three workers were exposed to radiation at the crippled nuclear power plant. two of them were injured while installing electrical wires, and were taken to hospitals for treatment. meanwhile, japanese officials say radiation levels in tokyo and its water supply have returned to safe levels. but remain high in two nearby neighborhoods. the number of estimated dead and missing from the quake and tsunami is now over 25,000. >>> movie icon elizabeth taylor will be buried later this week. taylor died yesterday. she's being remembered as much for the life she led off the screen, as she is for her academy award-winning movie career. kendis gibson reports. >> and i'm not going to say good-bye to you. >> reporter: the world did have to say good-bye to elizabeth taylor wednesday. at her star on the hollywood walk of fame, violet flowers to match her violet eyes that helped catapult her to fame. >> the world's going to miss liz. my world stopped today and i know everybody who loved her and worked with her and had the privilege, of being in her space is going to feel sad for a
>>> another disaster looming in japan. a second nuclear power plant may be melting down as a search for thousands of victims continues. >>> two wok work -- workers terrorized at an upscale plaza in downtown. this may be a robbery gone bad. >>> and visitation for frank buckles begins today: good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news. >>> let's get right to developing story. the hunt is on for a driver who hit and killed a man crossing the street in a wheelchair and kept driving on bening road in southeast before 4:00 yesterday morning. police are looking for an older silver and gray honda. the victim is 55-year-old gary gray of southeast. >>> we are learning about a police involved shooting at 8:00 last night. officers tried to approach a man who had been throwing bottles at cars. they say he shot at officers, hitting one of them. the officer's bullet pouch saved his life. the officer returned fire. no word on why two other people were arrested. >>> and police need your help tracking down two men involved in a horrific attack. the scene was a sportswear store. jana marie of arli
>> welcome to our program, we begin this evening with the earthquake in japan. and an analysis by professor seth stein of northwestern university. >> this was much bigger than we expected to see on that part of the what's call the the japan trench. and one of the things we've been learning everything since 2004 was we used, before 2004 we thought we knew which piece of sub duction zones could have these really big earthquakes. the sumatra earthquake and now this one, what the earth often does, we learn to be pretty humble in the face of the complexities of the earth. the earth has the ability to surprise us. i think none of us expected that anything this big would happen there. >> rose: we continue with the president of georgia, talking about his relationship with russia and the events of 2008. >> america's main value for peoples like us, and there are many of us out there, right s that america, besides having power or economic leverage, it's also an idea t is a much bigger than than just another country. that is what makes america so strong. there is more freedomses it there i
i've ever seen. >> reporter: with the recent tragedy in japan, this year's 16-day festival will be focused on hope and rebuilding. part of the festival a thursday night event called stand with japan. >> we take time at every event to let people know what they can do to help and to contribute and just for a moment of reflection. >> reporter: it's been 99 years since japan gifted the trees to the unite. since then tourists have flooded the nation's capital around bloom time to see the beautiful trees. >> even in orlando, they'll talk about them on the news during this time of year. >> reporter: this year, 1 million people are expected to come through. the festival kicks off this saturday and runs through sunday, april 10th. >> a little bit more solemnity around the place. >> reporter: tonight's stand with japan event starts here at the tidal basin at 6:30. participant will be able to walk around the basin, then if they can, make a donation to the red cross. melissa mollet, news4. back to you. >>> we'll check road conditions now. tanya hutchins, have you been down to see them
this morning on both sides of the pacific. we begin our coverage with the latest from japan. two worker at the fukushima nuclear plant have been rushed to the hospital. a total of three workers of the plant stepped in radioactive water. no word on the condition of those workers or why the third worker wasn't hospitalized. >>> officials say new tests show that tokyo tap water is again safe for babies. a previous test raised concerns about radioactive material levels. authorities still plan to distribute bottles water to parents. >>> a hold on foods imported from the region around that damaged plant. russia joins the united states, australia, singapore and hong kong in imposing restrictions. >>> tiny amounts of radiation from japan have turned up in the western united states. air monitors in portland, oregon, detected trace amounts. health officials insist the amount is so small, there is no health risk. no need to buy those potassium iodide pills. >> there continues to be no health concern, no health risk to people in oregon. i would strongly suggest that people take whatever money they
in their battle with moammar gadhafi's forces. >>> worse than expected. more troubling developments in japan's nuclear crisis. >>> and snake on the loose. a cobra goes missing from a >>> and snake on the loose. a cobra goes missing from a famous new york cityoo. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm veronica de la cruz. today we begin with gaining momentum. libyan rebels continue to push back forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. this morning an opposition spokesman claimed that rebels captured sirte. if that is true, it would be a significant victory for the movement. those developments come as nato has agreed to take over command and control of the entire libya operation including ground attacks. >>> president obama will speak to the nation tonight to explain what role the u.s. will play in the mission in libya now that nato has stepped in. the president is also expected to address concerns by both parties. tracie potts joins us live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the president has a lot of questions to answer when he addresse
, leaking pipes. as the crisis in japan raises serious concerns, what is the safety record of the reactors here in the united states? we have the details. >>> tea party superstar. he's 39 years old and the hottest newcomer on capitol hill. but senator marco rubio's kept a low profile, until now. tonight, his first national tv interview since being elected. so, is he running for president? >>> and, surfer girl. bettany hamilton was just 13 when a shark attack captured headlines and changed her life forever. she's riding high once again, and we've got the incredible story of her long fight to get back in the water. >> announcer: from the global e resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," march 29th, 2011. >> good evening. we're going to begin with the revelation of a record of safety violations at america's nuclear plants. the united states is home to 104 reactors across 31 states. some of them located on fault lines. but nuclear regulatory commission safety records show more than 50 safety violations at u.s. nuclear plant
coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> turning to japan radiation fears are creating a shortage of milk, toilet paper rice, and water. store shelves are bare one day after health officials warned that iodine levels in the tap water measured more than twice the amount that was safe for babies. the city says the levels have gone back down. the governor of tokyo drank a glass of water in one gulp and said the water tasted good. >>> anti-aircraft fire lights the sky over libya once again. a gaddafi compound has been hit today. u.s. plans to hand over control of the military operation to nato as soon as this weekend. >> for the first time, moammar khaddafi tested no flies on sending a government pilot on a suicide mission. it did not take long for the answer the libyan jet was shot down, french -- by french fighters. that is one reason the french are popular in benghazi. in tripoli the mood of gaddafi supporters remained defiant. >> we are not afraid from anybody. this country is nothing. >> state television broadcast these pictures reporting to show a hospital treating civilian victims of o
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